Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Robin Hill open as usual during the 'electric woods'?

Please see specific event pages for details on opening times of Robin Hill. Unless stated otherwise, 'electric woods' is an evening only attraction, during which the rides and some other attractions will be closed.

2) Are dogs allowed in the 'electric woods'?

Yes, as long as you keep them on a lead and clear up after them. Please be aware that  some of our events may use pyrotechnics, which can be quite loud. During falconry displays dogs are not permitted in the arena.

3) Disabled facilities and information

This park has a range of facilities suitable for disabled visitors.   Please download our 'Guide for Guests with Disabilities' to help you plan and make the most of your visit to the 'electric woods'.  Unfortunately, we don't hire out wheelchairs or disability scooters, so please make adequate provision before you visit.

4) What is the minimum age a child can enter the 'electric woods' on their own?

You have to be at least 14 years old to enter unaccompanied by an adult.   We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone we do not believe to be old enough, so bring some ID (passport, birth certificate only) if you think you might need to.

5) Can we use our Frequent Visitor Tickets for the 'electric woods'?

Yes! Robin Hill and Joint Park Frequent Visitor holders can use their tickets to gain entry to this event.

6) Are there refreshments available at the event?

Yes, we have catering outlets which will serve a range of authentic themed food and drinks throughout the evening. 

7) Does the 'electric woods' still go ahead when its wet/windy?

Inclement weather conditions may lead to the rescheduling or cancellation of some entertainment. The 'electric woods' may close in extreme weather conditions, and in this circumstance it is advised that visitors either phone ahead or check the Website or Robin Hill’s Facebook before they travel.