“The electric wood extravaganzas with the woodland lit up at night are absolutely amazing. If you're on the Island it's well worth a visit.” -jackmum, Isle of Wight

The electric woods is a series of stunning evening events featuring a spectacle of themed light, colour, sound and entertainment set in the ancient woodland at Robin Hill Country Park.

As dusk falls, a beautiful array of creative lighting brings a warm and magical glow to the trees, woodland glades, and paths enhanced by music, authentic food and stunning entertainment. Each of the season’s electric woods events has a different twist, with themes from Oriental to Indian.

These unique events are perfect for all ages, with the inspiring ambience of the magical illuminations captivating the youngest visitor to the very oldest, creating memorable experiences that may last a life time for all that visit.

The electric woods is a must-visit evening destination for all visitors to the Isle of Wight.